The Philippines Best Female Vocalists of 2014

Some Pinoy musical trends are easy to spot a mile away, but this year is dominated by female-driven pop-stars and that was even more of a pleasant surprise. We saw a number of other prominent players this year.

The Best Female Vocalists of 2014

The Best Female Vocalists of 2014

While every artist on the list has had a great deal of success and many of whom very popular, these singers were selected for their versatility, emotion, vocal range, power and confidence in pop, rock, r&b music. This list includes the likes of Kyla, Julie Anne San Jose, Jonalyn Viray, Sarah Geronimo, Yeng Constantino, Toni Gonzaga and Maja Salvador.

Fans have the power to vote on which female artist has the best voice in music for the year 2014.

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  • Gina

    I go for #Kyla

  • Popsterz

    SarahG FTW!

  • GentleGaga

    why maja? and tony is there? WTF! this is funny!

    • Fudge

      This year is dominated by female-driven pop-stars at kasama dun si Maja! Anong problema mo kay Maja? Magaling din naman sya your language is not pleasing at all. If you don’t like her so be it wag ka manlait. Itsura Nito. YOU ARE FUNNY!

  • Joe

    I’m rooting for Jonalyn Viray! #FanMode

  • LadyViolet

    Well Maja has the voice and deserves on this list and please @GentleGaga please avoid cursing your language is not acceptable. #Respect

  • vanj


  • bangs


  • Carlene Joaquino Lozada

    Jonalyn..julian ..and kyla…d best among the rest…


    basta aq i 100% vote jonalyn viray lAb HER

  • margie torres

    ung mga idol ko ung iboboto ko n cna julie ann san jose jonalyn viray kyla

  • Mae

    Si Jonalyn Viray magaling di nga lang masyadong magaling magpasikat ang GMA kung sa ABS-CBN yan malamang namamayagpag na yan sa dami ng concert performances here and abroad. I will always be your avid fan Jonalyn in case you read this comment. Mae- Davao

  • Jade

    Power vote Jonalyn Viray tahimik lang kami pero all the way ang pag suporta namin sa kanya.

  • Keen


  • Doms

    Wow makapanghamak naman tong mga taong to kay Maja kala nyo ang gagaling nyo. May boses sya kaya nga sya nagka album hello! She’s way better than you kelangan pa manlait? Wow Pilipino nga naman.

  • Jill

    Wlng kayong gawa kong manlait.kayo n ang mgaling. I go for Maja

  • Marcher

    Kawawa naman mga singer ng dos! juice colored!. Kay Jonalyn Viray Lng clang lahat taob na cla kay kyla pa kaya! Ang cheap ng singer ng Dos!

  • Marcher

    Kawawa naman mga singer ng dos!.Kay Jonalyn Viray Lng clang lahat taob na cla kay kyla pa kaya! juice colored!.

  • lia

    kyla :)

  • Smile More

    Jonalyn virayyyyyy!!!!!!

  • denvah

    Jonalyn all the way!!

  • andrei paolo

    Guys vote lang ng vote. #JVFTW

  • maja blanca

    Jonalyn the best…<3

  • Cess

    Kyla FTW!

  • Kristof

    JOnalyn Viray, Kyla, Julie annes