This Is What Happens When Girls Dance For An Entirely All Boys School, You Will Be Shocked and Stunned After Watching This Video

Let me tell you that the best part when I saw this clip video was the way the young boys who were sitting in the front row kept on jumping and shouting with joy when these hot ladies in their hot performances. It was like these guys were living off a dream being seated in the front row and being exclusive enough to their up close presence with the girls.

Admittedly,  young teenage boys can get so excited about things. And other than video games, there’s not much more likely to get them in a sweat than girls. Especially if these young men all happen to go to an all boys school. And those girls just so happen to be the absurdly good (and attractive) Waveya dance team.

Not convinced? Watch what happens when the two collide.


  • kerwin

    grabe ansya saya daig pa fiesta ng sinulog hahahahaha!!!!

  • wildwildwest

    mga babaeng nag perform sa all boys school, yon ang wild nung mga lalaki HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ang kulit!

  • kokoy

    Nakakalungkot :(

    • limoytiko


      • kokoy

        wala kasi ako sa stage hahaha

  • Nate Nate

    they won’t allow this in Catholic Schools.. damn.

    • apples

      Bummer isn’t it. These boy have gone wild, did not expect them to be like that.

  • kokoylau

    ayos ayos to hahaahha sana meron din sa manila hahahaha

  • batobalani

    ahahaha mga batang manyakis hahahahaha

  • makormik

    meron din kaya nito sa korea?

  • douchebag

    first time makakita ng girls? hahahaaha

  • worldpeace

    Pessoas de diferentes países entrando em consenso, estamos no rumo da paz mundial

  • conchita

    they are so happy yet!

  • johnybravo

    People in Spain wouldn’t react like that to be honest just sayin. Asians are too virgin.

  • charity

    if a bunch of hot guys went to an all girls school and took off their shirts and danced, the thirst would be the same i bet. Charot!