Hottest Trend In China: Bushy Armpit Hair Selfies For girls

Are you ready to embrace the natural beauty?

Young women are flooding the Chinese website Weibo with images of their unshaven underarms in a bizarre social media trend. A competition which presents Chinese girls taking selfies of their underarm hair is sweeping the country’s version of Twitter.

The competition, called ‘Girls not plucking their armpit hair’ is said to be challenging social norms and encouraging women to keep their body hair.

It appears that the trend has swept China after several other campaigns that have encourage women to embrace their natural beauty.

Last month, the Hairy Legs Club trend on tumblr was inviting women to post their photos to make a statement about social expectations of beauty.

It features pictures of women from around the world, who have decided to ditch the razor and not shave their legs and have uploaded pictures of themselves to the site.

Via ©Weibo