LOOK: Female Cops Facing Disciplinary Action For Sexy Instagram Selfies

At least six female NYPD officers are facing possible suspensions after posting in-uniform selfies to the ‘blueline beauties’ Instagram site.

These female police officers are posting pictures of themselves in uniform alongside sexy pictures out of uniform on their Instagram account. Some NYPD officers are getting disciplined for it.

The Instagram account is called Blueline Beauties. It is filled with pictures of female police officers wearing their uniforms next to sexy selfies. NYPD officers are in trouble with top brass.

NYPD policy prohibits members of the police department from posting pictures of themselves in uniform on social media unless at official ceremonies.

The department has a policy which forbids officers from wearing their uniform in images online, official ceremonies excepted.

One of the female officers even posted a picture of herself with Santa Claus pin above her badge alongside one of her on a night out. They could face disciplinary action for violating NYPD social media policy.

The names of the officers, all of whom face a possible punishment of being docked up to 10 vacation days, were not immediately available.

An NYPD spokesman said the rule is “intended to protect officers from divulging identifying information on social media sites that may endanger officer safety.”

However, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Patrick Lynch, said there is nothing inappropriate about uniformed officers in pictures normally acceptable on social media.

News source: NYDailyNews, DailyMail