Full Interview Jobelle Bascug: Beautiful Girl In Cebu Strikes Again, Not Paying Salon & Resort

Jobelle Bascug strikes again. The alleged beautiful shoplifter in Cebu has been making the rounds online but this time she’s facing another controversial issue of running away from a salon after taking advantage of most of the services and not paying the bills at a resort where she stayed at.

On December 9, 2014, a certain Christy Sigvathsen posted something on her Facebook wall claiming that a lady who took advantage of their salon services such as hair color, eyelash extension, manicure and pedicure from 6PM to 12:30AM last December 4. Soon identified as Jobelle Bascug which apparently was short of cash and went out from the salon to find ATM but she did not come back, leaving an unpaid bill of P2,000.

Please be aware of this lady named Belle. She came in the salon Thursday (12/4/14) around 6PM. She took advantage of almost everything the salon had to offer. She was chatty and friendly and boasted about her poultry business and metal works in Balamban. She first got manicure and pedicure while having her hair dyed. She was extremely satisfied and asked for more services. She asked for highlights and eyelash extensions. She stayed in the salon til 1230 AM. When she was all done, she said she miss some cash and had to run to the ATM. She left her bag and ran out. My workers called me at almost 1am coz she has not come back. Such a shame for such a pretty face. She kept promising to pay but until now still nothing. Baka modus ni niya. I just want to warn all other businesses out there to keep an eye out for this lady.

Inquirer’s Cebu Daily News reported that the suspect behind pretty face failed to pay her resort bill amounting to P15,000 and was reported by the Cabo Resort management to the authorities. She stayed in the resort since December 8.

In August 2014, Jobelle Bascug became trending topic on social media after she was reported shoplifting clothes worth P20,000 from a boutique worth P20,000 in Mandaue City, Cebu.


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