LOOK: Kitchie Nadal Gets Married in P799 Gown

Kitchie Nadal, whose real name is Anna Katrina, has tied the knot in a private ceremony last week.

The “Same Ground” hit maker married her Spanish boyfriend, NGO worker Carlos Lopez, at Hacienda Isabella in Tagaytay on February 26.

Videographer Mango Red online has released the photos of the autumn-themed Christian wedding on Facebook. Nadal also shared some photos on her Instagram account.

© Mango Red

Nina Sandejas,  photographer and close friend of Nadal,  wore a P799 dress of her choice she picked from a mall boutique in Makati.

© Mango Red

“It was my first try and it fit me perfectly,” Sandejas quoted Nadal as saying in a blog entry about the wedding published on March 2. The story about her dress floored everyone and this should show all brides around the world that sometimes it’s about the woman and not the dress, ” Sandejas added.

Nadal also did her own makeup for the event according to wedding planner Chinkie Agregado, in her Facebook post. She also shared that a very “chill” Nadal arrived at the venue “just a few hours before her ceremony, wore her wedding dress then got married.”