The Daniel Padilla Butt Exposure Scandal

We were pretty excited when we heard another controversial topic about Daniel Padilla this time it was a butt exposure scandal. Well, why not? He’s like the hottest teen star in his generation, and who doesn’t like that? Ladies and gents would be curious about it.

The pics in question has been making the rounds online and were apparently taken allegedly from Bench’s The Naked Truth fashion show held last September. The butt exposure images, however, seem to have just popped up online a couple of days ago.

The Daniel Padilla Butt Exposure Scandal

In the photo, a man’s butt is inexplicably exposed. You know, like totally exposed.

We’d just hoped for some harder photographic evidence of Daniel Padilla but the truth is it’s just a fantasy.

The man in the collage photo circulating on social media is Sebastian Castro which was ripped from his old video “scandal” last year while cleaning up the bathroom.