WATCH: Pacquiao and Algieri face off in Macau - WBO

The Pacquiao Versus Bradley I assume will never happen instead the 8th Time World Division Champ will fight against the Junior Welterweight Champion Chris Algeiri.

It will be held in Macau on November 23, 2014. At this point, Pacman stays in Macau to promote their fight. This is the second time that he will fight in this popular gambling area of the Republic of China.

If you judge the size of the two fighters, Algieri is obviously taller and younger compare to Pacquiao. Pacquiao stands 5’6 while Algieri is 5’10. But we don’t think size matters to Pacman. He uses his speed and punching power to defeat his opponent. Meanwhile Alguire’s confidence is immeasurable positively believing he could defeat Pacquiao.

Pacquiao now a professional basketball player and a playing coach for KIA aside from being a politician.