LOOK: Kris Aquino, Ai Ai delas Alas ‘Beso Beso’ Scene at DongYan Wedding

Are they OK now?

Kris Aquino and Ai Ai delas Alas have kissed and made up.

The reconciliation between the two “Sisterakas” stars occurred during the much-anticipated wedding of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera on Tuesday.

LOOK: Kris Aquino, Ai Ai delas Alas 'Beso Beso' Scene at DongYan Wedding

Aquino is one of the principal sponsors, while Delas Alas is part of the wedding entourage.

In the official Instagram account of Yes! Magazine, Aquino and Delas Alas were photographed exchanging pleasantries.

The caption of the photo says, unedited: “Peace na tayo,” says @aquinokristinabernadette to Ai-Ai. The two friends kissed and made up outside the church. #dm123014.”