WATCH: Justin Bieber Gets Naked At Fashion Rocks After Being Booed

Our baby singer strips down to his Calvin Klein underwear in surprise appearance on CBS special.

When in doubt all you have to do is to strip. The embattled pop star made a surprise appearance on CBS’s “Fashion Rocks” alongside model Lara Stone. The two were on hand to introduced a performance by Rita Ora, but Bieber had a show of his own first according to media source.

He announced that he wasn’t really comfortable unless he was in his Calvins He then asked Lara if she minded, and of course she didn’t.

A fine idea in theory: show up for 30 seconds, smile, introduce a performance in front of millions of viewers, get some good will from the show biz crowd. Done and done.

Bieber did everything for the audience, but apparently also made the unwise decision to participate in a bit where he got naked to promote the Calvin Klein brand. A good way to get attention, but not the greatest move for one’s dignity — as Bieber was loudly booed right before (and during the process of) taking off his clothes.