Video Of Indian Women Fighting off Molesters In Bus Goes Viral

A video of two sisters beating up three men, who were allegedly sexually harassing them on a moving bus in India, goes viral on social media.

Violence against Indian women has been around since the gang rape and murder of a student on a bus in the capital, Delhi, in December 2012.

The attack caused protests which prompted India to introduce stringent anti-rape laws.

The latest incident happened in Rohtak district when the two students, 22-year-old Aarti and 19-year-old Pooja, were on their way home.

Younger sister Pooja told BBC Hindi that the three young men “threatened us and abused us”.

“The men started to abuse me and touch me. I told them ‘if you touch me again, you’ll get beaten up’. They called a friend on the phone and told him to ‘come over because we have to beat up some girls’,” Pooja said.

For the sisters, seen in the video fighting men who allegedly teased them and touched them inappropriately, it appeared to be a battle for life and death.

The video clip appears to be making a huge impact, in part due to the level of violence shown and due to the fact that the incident took place on public transport. The Hindu reports that Haryana Police have arrested the three men involved in the harassment incident and according to news reports, sisters will receive cash awards for their efforts. Notably, the woman who filmed the incident is said to be a pregnant woman that the men were also harassing.

News source: BBC