Derek Ramsay’s wife files a case against the actor

Mary Christine Jolly, the alleged estranged wife of Derek Ramsay has filed a case against the “Trophy Wife” actor.

Derek Ramsay's wife files a case against the actor

Jolly sued the actor on June 27, 2014 for violating Republic Act No. 9262 or the Anti- Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

In the complaint affidavit, Jolly stated she is still legally married to Ramsay and that they have an 11-year old son named Austin Gabriel. Derek allegedly married Jolly in Bulacan in 2002. She stated that the actor-host has failed to fulfill his role as a father and has not been providing any support for his child.

A photo of their alleged wedding was published  in an entertainment blog site,

In a report on The Philippine Star, Derek’s lawyer, Joji Alonso issued a full statement about the allegations about the actor.

“Our client, Derek Ramsay, is currently being subjected to a barrage of accusations from one Mary Christine Jolly, pertaining to their approximately 9-month relationship. These trumped up charges which are but a bunch of lies, are contained in a Complaint for the alleged violation of Republic Act 9262, pending before the prosecutor’s office. At the moment, we beg for the public’s indulgence on the matter and have advised our client to make his statement, only after the submission of his Counter Affidavit.”

Derek Ramsay ‘s camp will submit their counter affidavit on August 20 at the Makati Prosecutor’s Office.