Young man passes out on slingshot ride in this hilarious video

The largest slingshot in the world was unveiled recently in Scotland near Castle Douglas in Dumfries and Galloway.

The slingshot stands at 65 feet high. It is hurled through the air at roughly 70mph. A hilarious video has been revealed of two buddies trying a slingshot style attraction for the very first time. Two friends on holiday in Magaluf decided they wanted to be thrown in the air, however, one of them was rather nervous before the ride. He is warned by his friend on the ground to keep his head back.

The man starts screaming at the start of the ride while his buddy watches on. He eventually ends up unconscious and passes out.

Young man passes out on slingshot ride in Magaluf in this hilarious video

He wakes up suddenly, realizes where he is, screams again and passes out. As this goes on, his buddy becomes slightly concerned. However, upon watching the video after the ride both men can’t help laughing at the ludicrousness of the situation.

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Written by Tyler Ashby

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