X RATING: MTRCB Bans ‘Tragic Theater’ Trailer For Being Too Scary

Being banned is necessarily a hindrance for any horror film – it only serves to enhance the film’s notoriety.

Because the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board’s mandate does not cover the internet, the uncut trailer of the horror film “Tragic Theater” can now be watched on YouTube.

The movie’s director, Tikoy Aguiluz, posted on Facebook on Wednesday that the trailer had received the X rating from the MTRCB twice because it was “too scary”.

“I want to upload my version of the trailer on YouTube and social media so the people can judge for themselves. I don’t see anything wrong with my version. Horror film ito kaya dapat scary, hindi ba?,” Aguiluz stated in a media interview.

“Tragic Theater” is based on the novel of the same by G.M. Coronel about a group of spirit communicators who in 1999 attempted to exorcise the ghosts of laborers who had been reportedly buried alive in the bowels of the Manila Film Center during its construction in 1981.

Opens in Cinemas in January 2015, starring Andi Eigenmann, Christopher de Leon, and John Estrada.

Watch the uncut trailer below:

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