Would You Watch A Man Eaten Alive By Snake?

Is reality TV going too far?

To a certain extent I must agree from an educational point of view but not on a weekly basis. It occurs to me that its effects on our younger generation is harmful and conveys the wrong message. Reflections of untalented people who present their dirty laundry and make oodles of cash doesn’t seem right. I think the networks should have a moral obligation to the public. Sometimes you have to think what’s best for the public not just making a quick buck the cheapest way. I would not be surprised if in the future we see public beheadings and vivisections.

In some cases, I still always catch myself watching it. There are things that I would never do that are on reality shows, but if other people want to eat bugs or have their hearts broken on national television, I will watch it. It’s usually all in good fun and the participants are famous.

Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota weigh in on a new outrageous reality show and discuss what compels viewers to watch.

What happens when a man and a giant snake love each other very, very much? Well, if you’re naturist and author Paul Rosolie, you cover yourself in pig blood, and allow the massive anaconda to savor you while reality show cameras are rolling. Being chowed by a snake is the premise for Discovery’s upcoming special titled Eaten Alive, and if you’re thinking this doesn’t exactly sound like must-see-TV, you have a friend in PETA.

What do you think?


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