Worth The Watch: GMA’s Empress Ki, Behind-The-scenes Photos

We know you’re already missing ‘Empress Ki’!

Empress Ki is absolutely amazing. Action, superb acting, well-written characters, what more could a viewer want?

The characters are well-written and the acting is excellent. Our three main characters are developed and have many facets to their personalities. They are also dynamic and constantly respond to the changing environments.

Seung-nyang being talked out of killing the emperor by his concubine shows that she values her people over her personal revenge. Had she disregarded them and continued on her plan to kill the emperor, she would only have been defined by her revenge and nothing more.

Check out this EK gallery of photos.

TalNyang photo
TalNyang photo Photo by:empresskifandomfeels (Tumblr)
Photo by:empresskifandomfeels (Tumblr)
This one’s for the WangNyang fans! Photo by:empresskifandomfeels (Tumblr)
Photo by:empresskifandomfeels (Tumblr)
Wang Yu and Seung Nyang’s family picture! Photo by:empresskifandomfeels (Tumblr)
Photo by:@jichangwook (IG
Ayu is certainly Togon’s son. Photo by:@jichangwook (IG
Not so mortal enemies. Photo by:@hajiwon1023 (IG)
Not so mortal enemies. Photo by:@hajiwon1023 (IG)
Photo by:empresskifandomfeels (Tumblr
One big happy family Photo by:empresskifandomfeels (Tumblr
Photo by:EmpressKi (FB)
No sign of rivalry Photo by:EmpressKi (FB)

What do you like about Empress Ki so far? Favorite character?

What do you think?

Written by Marc Tiu

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