Woman Sees Her Dead Brother’s Face On Another Man’s Body For The First time

Sister Emotional On Touching Face Of Dead Brother On New Body

It was 2012 when this man received a new face after living with post-accident disfigured face for 18 long years. Richard Norris met with an accident in 1997. He blew lower half of his face with a shotgun.

Another man, a 21-year-old Joshua Aversano, met with a car accident in 2012 and was killed. His family decided to donate the face to the person who is in immense need of.

Woman Sees Her Dead Brother's Face On Another Man's Body For The First time
Dr Rodriguez agreed for the surgery that took 36 hours involving a team of 150 other doctors, nurses and helping hands. Critics raised voice meanwhile Norris’ body may not accept the new face. Also, there was just 50 percent chance of survival after the operation.

Finally the operation was successful and the luckiest and most depressed man got a reason to smile and be henceforth confident in walking out of house.

When Joshua’s sister met the man with her brother’s face, she became emotional and touched the face on a new body.

Doctors have advised Norris to be away from smoking, drinking and sun burn as his immune system has been debilitated due to long medications.

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