Woman Buried Alive in Buffalo Snow Storm 2014 Writes ‘Goodbye’ Letters To Her Daughters

Woman buried alive in Buffalo snow storm 2014 writes ‘goodbye’ letters to her daughters

A woman wrote goodbye letters to her family while she was trapped for 13 hours in the snow.

Karen Rossi posed for a picture with her daughter Madelyn after she avoided becoming the 14th fatal victim of the recent snowstorm that blanketed Buffalo, New York with over seven feet of snow.

Rossi worked an extra shift at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo and got off around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning. On her way home in her daughter’s Chevrolet Cobalt, she became stuck in a snowbank on Transit Road and William Street near a Rite Aid in Lancaster. A snowplow then passed by, pushing Rossi deeper into the snowbank and completely burying the car.

She listened to her daughter’s advice to clear the snow away from her tailpipe so she wouldn’t die from carbon monoxide. As the hours ticked by Rossi’s phone died. Cold and wet from digging, she wrote goodbye letters to her daughters. Rossi stood on the windowframe of her car and waved for help with the tip of a red snowbrush.

Thirteen hours after Rossi became stuck, Dave Edwards spotted the snowbrush and shoveled Rossi out of the snow-covered coffin. Edwards gave Rossi a lift home in his monster truck, but not without stopping four times to help out others in need.

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