Why This 9-Yr-Old Studies Under The Lights Of McDonald’s In Era Of Technology

In power-cuts students of today would not study, but a small boy of third grade in the Philippine city of Mandaue was seen doing his homework under the lights of McDonald’s outlet.

The 9-year-old Daniel Cabrera lives with mother Christina Espinosa in a wall-less food stall as his father has died in prison and the house has been burned down.

The photo snapped by Joyce Gilos Torrefranca has now gone viral on the Internet and the little boy has also received scholarships as well as has been promised for support from the Philippine politicians. More to this, people from across the world have come forward for his support in their own ways.

Why This 9-Yr-Old Studies Under The Lights Of McDonald's In Era Of Technology

Daniel’s mother earns less than 2 USD a day. This is the reason he was spotted doing his homework with the only pencil he had.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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