Why Mexico Is Going Crazy For Their Weather Reports

The weather girl in Mexico is causing quite a stir. There’s an unprecedented heat wave in Mexico right now and the girl who reads the weather report is making this heatwave more unbearable!

Yanet Garcia reads the weather report on Televisa Monterrey and her breathtaking beauty has struck a chord with viewers who have forgotten how bad the heat wave really is.

She has caught the eye of thousands of viewers and has found a new level of fame as a new celebrity.

Yanet has taken to social media regularly putting up photos of her TV outfits and keeping viewers enticed for more.She is certainly beautiful and it is not hard to see why viewers have taken such an interest in watching the weather reports daily.

All this fuss has made the broadcaster very happy as the ratings have peaked sky high since Yanet took over the reading of the weather report.   News source: Boredombash

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Written by Tommy Estrada

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