WhatsApp To Be banned In UK

If you are addicted to using WhatsApp and other chat platforms you need to restrict yourself as those may be banned next year in the UK if the new law is passed.

The concern for UK government is potential security and if followed the recent statements of home secretary Theresa May the messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage will be banned with the controversial ‘snooper’s charter,’ aka Draft Communications Data Bill.

May will be coming up with a new version of the bill that had been earlier blocked by the Liberal Democrats. Well, as of now it is not confirmed whether the chat platforms are to really face ban, and if not they are likely to meet the new restrictions.

Under the new law the internet services would have to document online activity of customers and these logs are to stay with them for 12 months.

The Liberal Democrats blocked the bill in 2013 and the new law could come up in 2016.

News source: Metro

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Written by Tommy Estrada

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