What’s Inside This Guy’s Ear? This Will Totally Shock You!

A man who had been suffering from earache went to a hospital so as to ask for help. He believed his ear was impacted with ear wax, but there was more than that!

At first, with the tweezers they started to extract the impacted ear wax. Eventually though besides two huge lumps of wax, there was also a bug! Yes that’s right, there was a bug in his ear canal!

The first reaction was that this was probably a small bug, but once the doctor caught it with the tweezers he was amazed to find that it was a strange, and rather large, winged creature!

What’s Inside This Guy’s Ear? This Will Totally Shock You!

As can be seen from the photos, the creature was rather big and it is really strange how it managed to get into the man’s ear in the first place! No wonder this poor man was suffering from ear ache! This is probably the worst and strangest case of ear problems yet!

H/T: WeReBlog

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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