WATCH: Latina covers Moira Dela Torre’s ‘Paubaya’

Waleska Herrera
Waleska Herrera

Moira Del Torre, singer and songwriter, released the official music video of her hit song “Paubaya” on February 14. It featured former couple Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. In less than 36 hours, it has dominated the online world and garnered 10 million views.

The song alone is already painful and tear-jerking for most netizens. But adding Garcia and Barretto in the video made it even more heartbreaking with others saying that the music video seemingly gave “closure” to their relationship.

” Paubaya”captured a lot of Filipinos’ hearts. And it also caught the attention of a lot of YouTube reactors including Waleska Herrera. She is a Latina singer and musician based in London that has over 200,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel with her brother, Efra.

Herrera released a cover of Dela Torre’s hit song on February 19, following several requests from her subscribers. It has reached almost 200,000 views as of this writing.

On her Instagram, she posted:

@moirarachelle version is so beautiful, incredibly vulnerable and mesmerising, so I wanted to do it justice, as a non Tagalog speaker I had my doubts, but venturing into something different and challenging was certainly fun 🤩

Her cover received positive reactions from her Pinoy followers.

Watch her cover here:

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