WATCH: World’s Smallest Deer Species At Queens Zoo, NYC

Oh, deer!

These adorable photos may seems fake, but it is true the animal is world’s smallest deer species. Less than a month ago the pudu was born at the Queens Zoo in New York City.

WATCH: World's Smallest Deer Species At Queens Zoo, NYC
WATCH: World’s Smallest Deer Species At Queens Zoo, NYC © IMGUR

According to Wildlife Conservation Society, on May 12 the male fawn took birth with little white spots that is expected to fade with growth. The spots are characteristics to juveniles.

The tiny deer weighs only 1lb and measures 6 by 6 inch. It is still in nursing stage, but zoo authority says it will soon be eating carrots, kale, grain, leaves and hay.

The animal is a subspecies of South American deer who shiver when angered, bark when frightened, and do not interact socially. It is believed such deer die from fear-induced cardiac complications.

Horned owl is one of their predators.

H/T: Imgur, ABCNews

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Written by Barbie Perez


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