WATCH: Woman Breaks Window To Save Baby From Overheating Parked Car

You would admire her because she’s awesome. We have so much admiration for this woman. She is really a genuine hero showing true courage. We have to admit you would be tempted to do such a thing but the fear of being arrested or having whoever is the owner of that car come back and fight with me would somehow overpower me.

In Texas, a “good samaritan” law allows residents to administer emergency care without fear of punishment. After the baby was in the hands of EMTs, Radtke was questioned and released.

Can you imagine a baby locked in the scorching heat of a parked car could have died if not for one brave woman who’s willing to help.

We need more people like her in the world, she really gave a magnificent example of what we humans should do. Don’t have fear of what can happen to you simply fight for saving the innocent! RESPECT!

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