WATCH: Where is Maria Leonora Teresa doll of Nora, Tirso?

Guy and Pip is a title use to call the very popular Philippine Cinema’s love team, of Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III whose work on film, television and recordings made them as the Most Popular – Philippine Cinema love team of all time. Ate “Guy” is the nickname of Nora Aunor and “Pip” for Tirson Cruz.

They started working together in the late 60’s until the 1980s. At the height of their popularity in the 70’s, they were able to make several movies with box office successes, television shows, radio Programs and their recordings were instant hits.

Maria Leonora Theresa is a 3-foot, ceramic faced doll that became very popular because it was considered by fans as the “daughter” of Guy and Pip. The only popular doll in Philippine Showbiz history to have its own launching movie and people watched it.

Maria Leonora Theresa or MLT to many had its own contract for TV and movie appearance. This doll was treated as a human child who had her own wardrobe, jewelry sets, combs, sunglasses and even make-up kit. These things were given by the fans as well as the sponsors of Guy and Pip.

Cruz’s mom, Mommy Elma, asked a friend to buy this doll in America (USA). On, during the coronation of Aunor as the Muse of Sampaguita Family Club, Cruz sent the doll as a gift to Aunor, although he wasn’t able to attend the said event. This is considered as MLT’s birthday.

The second version, according to “Tito Noy” Calderon, Cruz’s publicist that time, Cruz’s father bought MLT at Aloha Hotel, a five star Hotel in Dewey Boulevard now Roxas Boulevard. There was no confirmation whether of these two versions is the right one, but one thing for sure, MLT became as popular as Mom and Dad.

WATCH: Where is Maria Leonora Teresa doll of Nora, Tirso?
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Through out the years and because of the popularity,  fans of Guy and Pip thought that the doll was the real daughter of the couple. The fanaticism of MLT’s followers was even related in an excerpt from a paragraph of Wilfredo O. Pascual’s Palanca Award winning essay, “Devotion.” Below is the excerpt:

People wrote to the doll and sent her homemade cards. And as if that breathed life to the doll, Maria Leonora Theresa wrote back and eased the people’s worries. They pierced her ear and made her wear earrings. They lavished her with jewelries and expensive clothes. And when the death toll of the deadly typhoons rose, the most photographed doll in Philippine history, went to church and wept. In the editorials she wrote for magazines, the doll inspired the “Noranians” to mobilize truckloads of fans to help the victims by donating food and clothes, to preach the doll’s message of love and charity.

The Maria Leonora Teresa doll symbolized the popular love team of Tirso Cruz III and Nora Aunor several years ago. But where is it now?

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