WATCH: Two Filipino Divers Get ZERO Points For Diving At SEA Games 2015

Two Filipino divers have become internet sensations for their infamous diving efforts on Day 2 of the 2015 Southeast Asian Games in Singapore during the Aquatics Diving men’s 3-meter Finals.

Filipino divers John Elmerson Fabriga and John David Pahoyo showed a poor diving performance in the Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) in Singapore. Fabriga went first landed on his back and Pahoyo landed feet first. Both failing to accomplish enough altitude in their launches off the board.

Watch How Two Filipino Divers Gets ZERO Points For Diving At SEA Games 2015 Watch How Two Filipino Divers Gets ZERO Points For Diving At SEA Games 2015

post on Pahoyo’s Facebook profile provided some details as to how much preparation some Filipino athletes may have had before joining the games.

Check out this excerpt where Pahoyo reveals preparation took all of four days. Take note just for four (4) days.

Yey! I’m so proud of us pakner John Fabriga, we really did our best despite of we just practiced this synchro dives for just 4 days, even though we failed to win, but atleast we did overcame what we once knew was out limit, and that makes us a champion…

I believe both of these athletes tried their best already. They challenged themselves to step up and they are already a winner. We respect them for their efforts. We hope they will come back victorious in their future events.

For some, it looks really funny but for the others, it’s a direct result of lack of support and training facilities from the government of the Philippines.

What do you think?


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