WATCH: Two Dogs Help Carry Groceries For Their Owner

Two dogs carrying groceries for their owner

Going shopping for groceries is something that we need to do regularly. One of the main things that people hate when shopping for groceries is the lugging around with heavy bags. Many people go by car, but the bags still need to be carried from the trunk to the front door.

But in this video we can see that this problem was minimized with the help of these two dogs. The dogs seem to be liking the task as they carry several bags from the car to the front door of this house. The owner cheers them at the door, while the man at the car places the bags from the trunk onto the floor from where the dogs start carrying them.

They do not seem to be feeling the load at all. Some people may be worried that the bags might be too heavy for the dogs, but they seem to be quite fine and accustomed to this task. Certainly they have been of great help to their owners!

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