WATCH: This Canadian Dude Loves The Philippines, Now Wants To Be Filipino, You’ll Be Amazed After Watching This

It looks like he already tried it everything. He climbed a coconut tree. He grated fresh coconut, drank sikwati, attended fiestas in the provinces, tried the pedicab, jeepney and even sold ballot in the busy streets.

But for Canadian dude Kyle Jennermann, he knows there’s still more to experience before really becoming a Filipino.

Yes, that’s his aim.

Jennermann was a former outdoor consultant for an outdoor adventure company in Hong Kong. He visited the Philippines last year and came back to Cagayan de Oro. He also participated in the mission to help survivors of super typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban. It was that experience that further made him admire the resiliency of Filipinos.

On his YouTube account, Jennermann said:

“I love the Philippines. I look up to, and am inspired by Filipino culture.”

“But! I am not Filipino. If you are Filipino I need your HELP! I need your help in creating a cultural list. A list full of experiences, places, history, food, drink… Filipino things! What makes you Filipino!? What will help make me part Filipino!? Where should I go!? What should I do!?

A 100% Filipino made list that will help me in #BecomingFilipino.”

Jennermann says he had no Filipino friends in Canada and he got intrigued by how his Filipino colleagues shared everything, from chores to food to beers.

“They were a hardworking bunch, yet they always seemed to be so happy,” he says.

Jennermann says he had already planned a trip to Southeast Asia with friends but decided to swing to the Philippines after being invited by his Filipino coworkers.

Jennerman says what made him love the Philippines is the natural beauty of its environment—its beaches, waterfalls, mountains and rivers. He says he also loves the culture where strangers are treated like friends and everybody is family.

Jennermann believes that Cagayan de Oro is his home base because everywhere is like only an hour away and where everybody seems to know everyone else. He said Cagayan de Oro is his home now.

What do you think?

Written by Barbie Perez

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