WATCH: There’s More To The Legend Than You Ever Dreamed In New ‘Cinderella’ Trailer

A stunning new trailer has been released for the live-action adaptation of Disney’s Cinderella, as directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh.

The 2-minute video clip shows Lily James as Ella, with Cate Blanchett as her wicked step-mother, Helena Bonham Carter as her fairy godmother and Richard Madden as her handsome prince.

But also in the latest trailer, we see what’s being added to the plot to make it stand out – the princess saving the prince. CInderella is seen as feisty girl who vows to save the Prince rather than sitting back and waiting to be rescued herself.

Playing the Grand Duke, Thor star Stellan Skarsgard schemes with Blanchette’s Lady Tremaine to keep her step-daughter out of sight, and the wishes of her and her daughters will be fulfilled in return.

Cinderella opens in cinemas on March 12.

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Written by Kaye

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