WATCH: The Voice 2014 Top 12 – Chris Jamison Performs “Jealous”

WATCH: The Voice 2014 Top 12 – Chris Jamison Performs “Jealous”

Chris Jamison gives everything he’s got to Nick Jonas’ “Jealous.”

Thank you Adam for getting it right this time. This song was perfect, Chris sang it perfect, he looked perfect in that suit. He’s not going anywhere. He’s the only save I thought proved their spot. I know people are upset Taylor is gone, but watching this should ease the pain. He nailed it.

I love this performance he sounded so good on this track, really smooth. His falsetto actually reminds me of his blind audition, that I rewatched after seeing him smash ‘Jealous’, and Adam actually turns his chair the moment Chris sings the falsetto part in ‘Gravity’. It makes me think Adam will really cultivate this aspect of his already good vocal range and pick songs that highlight this too. I keep wondering though, is it way too cliche for him to do a Justin Timberlake track? Because I think Chris will definitely do justice on it but it might be too obvious a song choice and direction. Chris does have good rhythm though and we can’t wait to see him bloom even further the subtle nuances in his tone. Team Adam is on fire! 

What do you think?

Written by Barbie Perez

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