WATCH: The Voice 2014 Blind Audition – Toia Jones: “One and Only”

Toia Jones, “One and Only”: It’s incredibly hard to take on anything that Adele has ever touched, but boy, did Toia Jones try. She has a big diva voice, pulling off runs and vibrato like there’s no tomorrow. But the key to making that work as a style is the exercise of control.

The diva in the making grew up singing in the church choir. Her fathers death was the difficult thing she had to overcome in life. She sang “One And Only.” Pharrell and Adam were the only ones who turned around. Pharrell made his speech and tried to cut Adam off by not giving him a chance to speak — things started to heat up! Toia ended up choosing Pharrell!

Most amateur singers don’t really have it, but Jones does. And that’s incredibly fortunate – you don’t want to over-sing it. Team Pharrell.

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Written by Marc Tiu


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