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WATCH: The Amazing Operation Of “Octoboy”, Baby Born With 8 Limbs

The first reaction to the birth of a baby is happiness and joy. But when Rishabh Ghimire was born, his parents were deeply concerned about his health because of his deformity. He was born with 8 limbs, and as a result he was considered to be a deity by religious people. This baby boy with 8 limbs in Nepal looked similar to the Hindu god.

Religious fanatics in Nepal went to visit this child when he was born in 2009. But the true miracle is Rishabh Ghimire’s recovery from his deformity. Rishabh is one of 200,000 cases who suffer from such a condition, which is life-threatening.

He had a parasitic twin attached to him. Since the twin sibling did not manage to separate in the womb, he ended up feeding off the blood supply, which would ultimately lead to death. Eventually, Rishabh underwent a life-saving surgery in 2010. This was financed through a children’s charity. Thankfully, he is recovering from this surgery and is now leading a more normal life, thanks to being able to move more normally.

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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