WATCH: Sweden Now Recycles 99% Percent Of Its Trash

Sweden has been making history in the world of recycling its trash and we’re talking about a zero waste amount of 99%.

This small nation of Sweden was already ahead of the game since 2012. Back then it was only 96% of their trash and the remaining 3% moved up in just two years. Now that is impressive.

Their aggressive recycling policy goes in an order of importance: Prevention, reuse, alternatives and disposal in landfill. This year, only 1% of their waste goes to the landfill.

The more advanced system of trash separation which makes it easy to recycle waste material.

While the “recycling alternative” remains controversial, it’s cleaner than drilling for oil or natural gas to burn in traditional power plants.

Sweden is so good at recycling its trash in fact, that it now has plans to import 800,000 tons of garbage from other countries in Europe in order to create heat for its citizens through its Waste-to-Energy program.

The Philippines and the rest of the third world countries should take note of this recycling process.

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