[WATCH] Ryzza Mae Dizon Learns To Dance Flamenco

Aside from her ‘cha-cha’, ‘look-up’ and ‘taktak’, child star Ryzza Mae Dizon can add one more dance in her list after Aiza Seguerra’s fiancee Liza Diño appeared on “The Ryzza Mae Show” on September 12.

The former beauty queen introduced Ryzza to the Spanish dance, Flamenco – a dance which is according to Liza is a dance performed by gypsies to express their anger and frustrations.

The basic steps seems to not bother ‘aleng maliit’. But when it comes to the ‘kick’, that’s when the problem came. At one point, Ryzza’s shoe was thrown in the air. Ryzza commented that her shoes is big for her which is why she’s having a bit of a problem .

Watch the video below and you will surely be amused with Ryzza:

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Written by Kaye

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