WATCH: PBB 737 Teen Big 4 sing “Win The Fight”

PBB 737 Teen Big 4 Ylona Garcia, Bailey May, Jimboy Martin and Franco Rodriguez made their final performance inside the house before they went back to the outside world on Saturday, August 8.

Together they performed ‘Win The Fight’, an original song written by Garcia while inside the house for one of their tasks.

The Teen Big 4 will continue their tasks outside the house as they are set to join and perform at the TEEN POWER: The Kabataang Pinoy Concert Party on August 14, 7PM at the Aliw Theater.

The votes are back to zero as they continue to comply with Big Brother’s tasks in the outside world which will help viewers decide on who they want to become the Big Winner.

Watch their performance below:

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Written by Kaye

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