WATCH: Netizens Slam Woman For Overfeeding Infant

Overfeeding an infant often causes the baby discomfort because he or she can’t digest all of the food properly. When fed too much, a baby may also swallow air, which can produce gas, increase discomfort in the belly, and lead to crying.

An overfed baby also may spit up more than usual and have loose stools.

In an article appeared on CoolBuster, You’ll see a video of what appears to be a woman overfeeding a baby. The baby was having a difficult time breathing yet the woman consistently filling the young child’s mouth with food. You can just imagine the trauma caused by such inappropriate behavior of the guardians.

It was also unclear whether or not the woman on the video over-feeding the baby and the man who was laughing on the background while taking the video are the child’s parents.

Some netizens said they could not take it seeing the helpless infant suffer and encouraged others to share to call the attention of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to investigate the incident.

Check out some of the reactions from netizens:

parang nag tatapal lang ng vulcaseal si ateng. bakit ang daming mga ganyan ngaun? puro pang aabuso ginagawa sa mga bata. mga walang kunsensya. umhh ateng ayoko na mag mura pero ateng tangena mo po opo tangena mo po talaga. kayo ng mga kasama mo. tangena nyo po ha?
Yaya ba yan o mother tlga yan ng baby?nkkabwisit panuorinkung xa ang ina panu nya nakayang gawin yan!?mmaya di mkahinga ang bby at mwala pa sau ng wla sa oras dhil naubosan ng hininga..iyak nga ng iyak eh dami pa sinusubo!pambihira may saltik nlng kayang gWin yan o my galit sa mundo pati bata ddamay pa patiwakal kna lng kesa mandamay kpa sa bata!
Ano ba namang ina yan? Ginawang Baboy ang Anak. Di man lang pinaupo yung Bata. Tsaka yung lalaking Tumatawa,pota lang! Nag eenjoy sa View nya eh.

HAYOP NA INA!!!!On a serious note muna:Manang hayop ka! hindi ganyan ang tamang pagpapakain sa isang sanggol! ikaw ang sumisimbolo sa salitang “putangina”PAKI KALAT NA LANG :(DSWD

Posted by Kupal Lord on Friday, 29 May 2015

In 2013, A Jackson woman was charged in the death of her infant daughter, lost custody of two older children about a decade ago for overfeeding the boy, who weighed 120 pounds at age 3.

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Written by Marc Tiu


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