My Giant Friend is a comedy action featuring a teenager, Linus and his alien friend, Boom.

Linus told everybody that boom is his cousin, using a new technology that allows Boom to become human for a limited period. However, the extra-terrestrial origin of Boom who ignores the rules and traditions on earth are a source of gags and misunderstanding within Linus’s Family, but also in all the daily situations that may confront a teenager. In addition to the daily problems of preteens faced by our two friends, Linus and Boom are assigned a mission: thwart the plans of Number 9. Which means preventing the SDC getting their hands on the aliens stranded on Earth, and sending them safely back to their home planet. At the same time, they must protect the confidentiality of Boom. Not easy to go unnoticed when you are six foot four inch tall and when your habits are completely inappropriate to life on Earth!

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