WATCH: Mother With Breast Cancer Dances With Son At His Wedding, Dies 3 Days Later

mother’s love until our dying day and beyond.

What a powerful moment when the bond between parent and child is expressed in a final gesture like this. Sad and fortunate at the same time.

That video below was so touching and very emotional. We can tell her son was so happy to dance with her mother for the last time. I know that the mother was also so happy to be with her son on his wedding day.

In her obituary, the family wrote:

Love and support then and now will keep the family strong but it is the memory of Mary Ann that will push them forward and continue to make new memories. We will never forget your love and promise to keep you smiling and proud of all your achievements. May the rainbows follow you forever.

God bless you both and rest in peace for the soul of his mother.

H/T: EDaily

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Written by Marc Tiu

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