WATCH: Matt McAndrew vs Rebekah Samarin – Knockout Performances – The Voice 2014

TEAM ADAM: Matt McAndrew (“Drops of Jupiter” by Train) defeats Rebekah Samarin (“You Give Me Something” by James Morrison)

Matt McAndrew lands a spot on Adam’s live playoff team over Rebekah Samarin as he sings Train’s “Drops of Jupiter.”

At first I was annoyed because Matt is one of my favorites and I only watched this episode because he hadn’t gone yet. Then at the back of my mind I realized that wait, they didn’t even show the other girl at all. So I checked out some of her music and her voice is gorgeous. So guys, check out Rebekah Samarin, because the world could use a little more justice.

What do you think?

Written by Barbie Perez

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