WATCH: Malaysia, Better Than The Philippines In Latest BPO Advertisement

Aegis boasts endless opportunities for dedicated employees in addition to customer lifecycle management and a variety of value-added interactive and back-office services for global enterprise clients. With deep industry expertise, Aegis services include more than 30 Fortune 500 companies and other large, complex organizations worldwide in the Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance, Healthcare, and Travel industries.

Filipinos are fluent in English, making them one of the best BPO agents in the world. With this in hand, Aegis (People Support Philippines) is having a difficult time struggling with other call center businesses in acquiring new employees. Call center agents are in high demand in the employment business today.

A video ad that was allegedly made for Aegis, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, is making rounds online. Aegis is previously known as PeopleSupport in the Philippines. As Aegis intends to move from the Philippines to Malaysia, people don’t get the point why Aegis has to bad mouth the Philippines about its potential. This unethical and unprofessional ad of Aegis has been taken down but some netizens were able to upload the video and share it on Facebook.

According to the latest BPO Advertisement of Aegis, Philippines has inadequate infrastructure, unfriendly climate, less security, and lack of government support. Aside from these, the country’s very geographic location (being in the Pacific Ring of Fire) is also among its reasons why it’s better to invest in Malaysia than in the Philippines.

The video ad name-dropped the Philippines in favor of Malaysia as a better outsourcing location alternative.

Check out the video ad below.

Filipino netizens described the ad as “offensive,” “unethical,” “racist” and “worst marketing strategy.
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