WATCH: Luke Wade vs Taylor Phelan The Voice 2014 Knockout Rounds Performance

Luke Wade (“Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates) defeats Taylor Phelan (“Rather Be” by Clean Bandit) — Taylor stolen by Adam |

ADMITTEDLY, all three of Pharrell’s rival coaches were waiting over the prospect of snapping up one of his two strongest team members — why make them go head-to-head? — but to my ears, Luke was the unexpectedly easy winner. I could’ve gotten lost in his chipotle-smoked tone and intrinsic groove for a full hour — even if Pharrell had a point that perhaps a 25 percent reduction in vocal acrobatics would’ve made him even better.

Taylor, on the other hand showed some weaknesses in breath support and pitch control as he worked the stage during “Rather Be,” but his Blind Audition is still one of the high points of Season 7.

The winner of the knockouts is Luke Wade. Gwen, Adam and Blake are up for steal however Taylor Phelan picks Team Adam.

What do you think?

Written by Barbie Perez

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