WATCH: Jean Kelley vs Menlik Zergabachew – Knockout Performances – The Voice 2014

TEAM PHARRELL: Jean Kelley (“Chandelier” by Sia) defeats Menlik Zergabachew (“Could You be Loved” by Bob Marley)

Looking for a ticket to the live shows, Jean Kelley pours herself into Sia’s “Chandelier.”

I have heard a lot of people cover this song, however Jean Kelley is the only one I have heard do it this well. She was a pleasure to watch also.

Menlik Zergabachew returns to his reggae roots, covering Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved.”

I feel like this wasn’t the time to play it safe with song selection. Menlik definitely showed alot of who he is, but I felt like this was the time for Menlik to make a song suit him, not pick a song suited for him. It was slightly too predictable, but still very impressive. Best of luck to Menlik #TeamMenlik

What do you think?


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