WATCH: International Airline Hires Man’s Bestfriend To Return Lost Items

KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij) or best known as Royal Dutch Airlines introduces it’s new team member of the Lost & Found team at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. As the team continues to improve their commitment to reunite their passengers on their lost items, they hired a cute and furry new member. The passengers were surprised when their lost items were returned to them. The other employees of the airline were so fond of this new member and one even mentioned she spoil him a bit.

Not convinced? Watch the video and learn how this new member makes a new definition on the phrase man’s best friend.

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Written by Takoy

Takoy is a freelance writer who loves watching soap operas and filipino movies. He loves memorizing the famous lines he picked from the teleseryes and movies he watched and tries to use it in his daily life. He lives with this tagline from the movie Chicago, " If you can't be famous, be infamous."

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