[WATCH] Goldfish Undergoes Surgery To Remove Tumor

A 10-year old goldfish in Australia named George is now recovering after it underwent surgery to remove a tumor protruding from his head.

© Lort Smith Facebook
© Lort Smith Facebook

According to the hospital’s Facebook page, the surgery was conducted by Dr. Tristan Rich, head of the exotic and wildlife veterinary team at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

To prepare for the surgery, Rich had George swim around in a bucket of water laced with anesthetic to knock him out. Rich fed a tube containing oxygenated pond water and anesthetic into George’s gills to keep him sedated and alive throughout the delicate procedure. He removed the tumor and sealed the wound with four stitches. The operation lasted for 45 minutes.

According to experts, the successful operation may give George another 20 years of life.

What can you say about George’s operation? Will you do the same if this happens with your pet fish?

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Written by Kaye

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