WATCH: GlobalPort’s Anthony Semerad in Fist Fight with KIA’s Richard Alonzo

In what seemed as a physical contest from the beginning, one player just put the emphasis on the word “physical.”

The fight started when Richard Alonzo pushed Anthony Semerad, while the GlobalPort player was retrieving a loose ball in the first quarter.

The push sent Semerad out of the court as Alonzo went back in position inside the shaded area. Semerad immediately rushed at him but Alonzo stuck out an elbow.

The contact sent both of them to the ground where they exchanged elbows and kicks. The referees immediately came in to break up the fight.

Both, though, got a technical foul but Semerad may smile a little wider as his team notched the 84-79 wins.

What do you think?

Written by Barbie Perez

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