WATCH: German Shepherd Saves Family In Road Rage Attack, Dies A Hero

German Shepherd Saves Family In Road Rage Attack, Dies A Hero

In a road rage incident that could’ve ended with several children dead, a dog stepped up and saved his family’s life.

An Atlanta family is mourning the loss of their pet German Shepherd after it was killed protecting the family from gunfire in Atlanta on Friday afternoon.

According to news report, a woman driving a Chevy Suburban was followed to a strip mall on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard in the West End. Earlier, the driver of another vehicle allegedly cut the woman off. At the mall, a gunman pulled his vehicle alongside the family after they parked.

Next, the alleged road rage shooter opened fire into the family’s vehicle, according to one of the unidentified victims.

The vehicle was full of kids, but the family dog (a German Shepherd), jumped into the line of fire as bullets tore through the vehicle’s windows.

The witness said the dog jumped in front of one of the children and a woman in the car. A video footage captured the dog trotting off to die behind a nearby building and later succumbed to his injuries.

Living up to the “man’s best friend” title, the dog took a bullet while protecting the family. Police are still looking for the gunman who drove off in a blue-grey Ford Taurus. When the family opened the door, the fatally-wounded protective pooch ran off.

This all happened the day after Thanksgiving. So much senseless violence.

News source: Inquisitr

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