WATCH: Father Beating Son Caught In Viral Video

Father beating son caught in viral video

In this video, taken in Muntinlupa, we can see a rather shocking scene where a father is beating his son. This father beat his little son repeatedly and quite harshly, especially for such a young boy. This violence let many people outraged and tis video went viral online in no time.

This viral video was uploaded on Facebook by Arlene Medina De Vera with the following caption:

pa-share ako nito guys…grabe,nakakalungkot na my mga batang cnasaktan ng ganito…at kung cno man ang nakakakilala sa nanay nia,pls paki-share to sa knya,,

From time to time the father is seen cleaning the child with a cloth. But then, he beats him sharply. This is done several times during this eight minute video. Each time the poor child cries out loud because he seems to be hurt with the strikes. He even fell to the floor more than once with the strength of the beatings. He shakes in fear and cannot stop crying.

This video is really heart-breaking because to see a poor young kid being beaten in this way is absolutely devastating. The father, in the meantime, looks relaxed in that he does not seem to be feeling any guilt for what he is doing on his child.


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