WATCH: Does This Verify Bigfoot Sighting?

This short video goes into a little more detail of a possible Bigfoot sighting I had earlier this year. I returned a couple of times to see if I could obtain more evidence, but aside from tracks and other ambiguous items of evidence, could not obtain a solid proof.

WATCH: Does This Verify His Bigfoot Sighting?
Does This Verify His Bigfoot Sighting? © D.L.Soucy

That’s how it works in this arena of research though. We know we see something, but there is no way to prove what we saw, and so we continue on, slogging through the forests in the hopes of one day obtaining the picture of pictures, or better yet, a live specimen.

Bigfooter D.L. Soucy goes into a little more detail with this video, following up on a sighting he had earlier this year. Was he able to gather evidence to support his sighting? Not convinced? Watch the video to find out.

What do you think?


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