WATCH: Bailey Gets Jealous with Franco and Ylona

Jealousy is in the air inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

In an episode aired on Monday, Ylona and Franco were hanging out together in the kitchen. Ylona was teasing and challenging Franco if he has the guts to attempt to kiss her. Little did they know that Bailey can hear them from the boys bedroom. “This ain’t cool, this ain’t cool guys”, Bailey said while listening to Ylona and Franco’s conversation.

Regular housemate Tommy Esguerra later noticed that Bailey seems to be bothered and advised him to talk to Big Brother which Bailey decided to do.

“I could be jealous. Oh my God. Of course I’d get jealous because you know. Huggings are alright you know. But kissing, are you serious? Nearly kissing…Yeah, I’d definitely get jealous. I don’t know why,” Bailey answered when Big Brother asked him if he got jealous with Franco and Ylona.

Big Brother was quick to advice Bailey that he is young and he’s entitled to experience a lot. Everything is part of learning and growing but he should not let it ruin his day.

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Written by Kaye

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